One-Hour R Package Development Tutorial by Shannon Pileggi, PhD

I followed this tutorial and created a package successfully. It took 45 minutes. Follow, this, guide, my fellow R friends!

December 19, 2020

Package development should be on every R programmer’s radar in 2021, especially with all the free information available online! Here’s an excellent, concise, ultra-bookmark-worthy tutorial by Shannon Pileggi, PhD, titled “Your first R package in 1 hour”. Folks, she wasn’t lying either. I followed her tutorial and built an R package in roughly 45 minutes (note: I assume you have experience with the R language and understand the basics of devtools, usethis, roxygen2, and rmarkdown).

Using functions from just the devtools and usethis packages, the whole process is much more streamlined than what I would have thought. Check out the rest of Shannon’s Piping Hot Data website as well… It’s a great resource for R programmers and researchers, and she built it with the newly reintroduced distill package, just like this site. :-)

* Shannon’s Piping Hot Data “Your first R package in 1 hour” post
* Shannon’s LinkedIn