Preparing for 2021 Goals with a Raspberry Pi

I have been planning my 2021 goals and the Raspberry Pi 4 will help me kill a few birds with one stone.

December 31, 2020

Killing a few birds with one stone and getting ready for 2021…

1) Getting better at Linux / shell commands,
2) Learning Julia (see my Resources tab for some great Julia starter links!),
3) Doing it all on a Raspberry Pi 😜 Happy holidays and Happy New Years to all!

Below are some pics of my current progress.

Raspberry Pi 4, Model B, 8GB RAM, & Super Cute Tiny Heat Sinks

Enclosing the Pi 4 in a CanaKit case + fan

Raspberry Pi OS, a Debian distro for the Pi

Jupyter Lab server on the Pi set up w/ Python, R, and Julia